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Master Data Integration and Simplification

Success Case MDM+ BRO

Founded in 1925 by the brothers Otto Kepler and Adolfo Kepler Jr., Kepler Weber is a Brazilian company with an important role in the agribusiness segment, providing equipment for the post-harvest stage of the grain production chain. It is responsible for manufacturing equipment for storage, processing and bulk material handling, with outstanding grain storage solutions.


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The Kepler Weber needs

Due the nature of the products which Kepler develops and manufactures, the material master data is part of all Kepler’s core processes. The high volume of master data creation is the daily routine of the company and with the implementation of SAP ERP, those processes has become even more critical.
During the SAP ERP implementation project, Kepler identified that material master data processes would require a huge effort, a fact that has not existed before in the legacy system. The firsts initiatives led to workflows’ creation to control the processes into SAP Business Workflow. These initiatives identified that the standard tools in SAP ERP would not allow an effective control of master data processes and in the end it won’t be adherent to they needs and agility required by the business – high effort for maintenance and long lead time – impacting directly int the customers service.
This scenario forced Kepler to looking for tools to speed up and increase the quality and control (governance) in the material master data processes.

The Solution

In the process to acquiring the tool, MDM+ BRO was selected to be a SAP fully integrated solution, to present an easy way to build and maintain workflows and, based on business rules, automate and guarantee the process governance.
The MDM+ BRO implementation project happened together SAP project. Sixty processes of material creation, extension and modification (including obsolescence) were implemented. In each of these processes, business rules were implemented to restrict field values (as required by the process), to build simplified forms for end user and to automate the material master data.
Optimizing the engineering workforce, integration with Siemens PLM (TeamCenter) was also developed using the MDM+ BRO web interface: through PLM interface the engineer fills out basic information and classification, the BRO automatically creates the material master data in SAP while starting the workflow. In parallel, the BRO makes the text standardization (short and long texts) and returns this information to the PLM system – all information are integrated.
In addition to the benefits of optimization, automation and process simplification, BRO has delivered tools to manage the master data processes. Through reports, requestor and business areas involved can check where the process is stopped, with whom and since when.
Were implemented also processes to create Purchasing Info Record and Source List during the Material creation. The standard transactions, which would not guarantee the master data governance, were no longer used. BRO being the only tool responsible for the creation and maintenance of 4,200 master data per month in average.

Numbers and Facts

• Material, Product, Purchasing Info Record and Source List master datas managed by MDM+ BRO.
• 62 master data processes mapped and implemented in the MDM+ BRO.
• More than 4.200 materials created monthly through the MDM+ BRO.
• More than 110 thousand master data made through the BRO since the SAP implementation.
• Material creation process integrated with PLM software – Siemens TeamCenter.
• Effort reduction of 82% in the material master data applying business rules to automate processes.