Master Data Governance at Palfinger AG group

Success Case MDM+ BRO

Established in 1932 and for many years now an international leader in innovative hydraulic lifting systems – that is the PALFINGER success story. The company’s history is defined by three key stages: the pioneering phase, the era of the crane, and the period of expansion. Today, PALFINGER is a worldwide group that is always close to the customer, no matter the location.

The BRO’s potential allowed us to automate the rules that qualified and ensure assertiveness in creating materials under a workflow directly within SAP. The inconsistencies and their consequences have been in the past. The BRO prevents problems in creating the information and significantly reduces the costs of this process. It is an investment that has been paid many times.”

Henrique Stoffels (COO Palfinger Brazil)


Resultados Case BRO Palfinger

The Palfinger needs

Since the implementation of SAP in 2009, Palfinger, being a company focused on innovation of its products, had a large volume of creation and maintenance of materials, BOMs (Bill of Material) and routings – currently the database is more than 70.000 materials. Lack of quality information, inconsistent data and high cost of the process were the most obvious problems on that moment.
Considering this scenario, the company was looking for a solution to reduce the labor involved and streamline the creation and maintenance of master data (especially material), improving the quality of information, automate the flow of creation and maintenance process, avoid duplicate records, restrict user access to only the fields of their responsibility and standardize material descriptions.

The Solution

Palfinger opted to use add-on software SAP, BRO – Business Rules Organizer, integrated with SAP Workflow. Initially the SAP IT team did a survey of the business rules involved on the material master creation and maintenance. Based on this survey, the rules were created on BRO and configured SAP Workflow integrated with those rules.
Before this solution, a single material demanded the filling of over than 180 fields in 3 different plants. With the creation of a data base with rules in BRO, no more than 6 fields are required. To extent of material to many centers was also automated based on rules, it means, just a single information input is enough to replicated in other centers, respecting their particularities.
With BRO aligned with the SAP Workflow solution was possible to distribute the tasks among the various areas involved in an organized and flexible way, focusing on the process and not on departments. The information quality achieves a huge improvement. With the creation and maintenance of materials based on BRO, it was impossible to miss or forget something.
The access was restricted to the use of the BRO, currently nobody creates or change materials directly via SAP standard transactions (MM01/MM02), only through processes based on BRO Rules. No one has access to the maintenance of fields that are not their responsibility.
Currently, Palfinger, with the support of the add-on BRO, guarantee the governance of its own material master data. The Excel spreadsheets that were used to control the registration process were replaced by a professional tool that ensures an effective result by reducing the labor involved in the process.