Empresas Randon

Material and Product Master Data Governance

Success Case MDM+ BRO

The conglomerate of Randon Companies is composed of leading companies in Latin America. It has the most complete line of equipment for the transport of cargo by land. They also operate in the segment of auto parts, automotive systems, as well as incooperative-payment plans and a bank. Randon maintains an international network of sales and ser vices, serving more than 100 countries.

Viviane Martinotto

BRO was chosen because it is an easily adaptable and integrated with SAP. BRO strengthened the materials master data reducing time and effort in the creation and extension, there was improvement in data quality and reduction of rework. There was also a decrease in the need for developments to solve master data problems.”
Viviane Martinotto (Information Tecnology)


Results of BRO Business Case Randon

Randon needs

Since the SAP implementation in 2011 Randon companies have suffered because of the large volume of materials master data – about 150 new records per day. The main difficulties presented were the long lead-time and lack of quality in the material master data.

The Solution

After analyzing the market solutions for master data governance, Randon ended up choosing the solution from HKS, the add-on SAP, MDM+ BRO. The BRO software is a business rules engine that together with SAP Workflow makes the governance of the life cycle of any master data from SAP.
According Viviane Martinotto, business analyst, “BRO was selected to be an adaptable and easily integrated tool with SAP. The tool has enhanced the material master data creation and maintenance, reducing time and effort, and consequently, there was an improvement in data quality and rework reduction. After deploying, also reduced the need of developments to solve material master problems.”
Soon after the implementation of BRO, Randon began to reap the positive results: eliminated more than 85% of the effort required to create and maintain. There are areas responsible for part of the material master creation that were fully automated.

Numbers and Facts

• Solution implemented in 6 companies and 20 plants.
• Material, Products and Purchasing Info Record master datas.
• More than 150 master data requests per day.
• 85% of reduction in the material master data creation effort.
• Significant reduction in material creation lead-time.