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Materials and Product Lifecycle Management

MDM+ BRO Success Case

“Imagine finding a tool that fits as a puzzle piece to the already existing scope in SAP, being SAP and solving those recurring complaints of users: “I can not create new fields; I do not have workflow for approval; It’s difficult to use; I have to go through screens to fill out just 1 field; I have no visibility of where my request is.”
So it was our story with BRO and HKS. Nowadays our process is more robust and easy to maintain and with sustainable gains.
Very satisfactory delivery, combining cost, friendliness and collaboration.
Thank you HKS team.”

Maria Thereza Ortiz – Strategy and Digital Innovation Manager

ArcelorMittal is the world’s largest steel producer and in 2016 was ranked no. 123 on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest companies. Present in more than 60 countries employs about 280 thousand professionals.

Numbers and Facts

• Solution implemented in 17 companies and 331 plants in Brazil.

• 38 master data processes implemented.

• More than 400 users trained.

• 12 business areas involved.

• More than 2,200 new master data per month.

• More than 12,000 business rules implemented.

Gains Obtained

• 78% master data automation.

• 90% SLA Achieved after project.

• Higher quality in the material master data information.

• Process simplification – Materials before: 10 screens and 98 fields, now: 4 screens and 18 fields | Products before: 25 screens and 180 fields, now: 5 screens and 30 fields.

• Costs reduction with master data.

• Easy and centralized process management through the dashboard of indicators.

• Master data governance.

Press release about this successful case (in Portuguese):