SAST Management Cockpit

SAP® Risk Analysis Tool

Risk analysis quick and clearly visualized
Using our SAST Management Cockpit as a supplement to the SAST GRC suite for SAP®, you are able to visualize on a QlikView basis all audit results and to illustrate complex data for colleagues and superiors in an easily understandable way. You are thus able to analyze the cause-and-effect relationships from the results of our SAP® security tool SAST and, even without any special IT skills, to quickly determine the causes for any security loopholes. Risk analysis unsing the SAST Management Cockpit based on QlikView is quick to deploy, flexible and impressively quick in terms of response times.

The SAST GRC Suite (System Audit and Security Toolkit for SAP®) is an integrated solution for your security and compliance management and makes it easy for you to:
• Identify risks.
• Define validation rules.
• Perform analysis.
• Eliminate vulnerabilities.
• Define additional controls.