SAST Security Radar

SAP® SIEM tool – detecting attacks in real time

360° real-time monitoring of your SAP systems using the SAST Security Radar SIEM module
For permanent monitoring of your systems’ security it’s necessary that:
• The system configuration.
• User rights and.
• Security and change logs.
Are monitored in a timely and comprehensive manner for any security loopholes or attempted attacks.

94% of all akquinet penetration tests successful
In the course of our IT vulnerability scans, our testers carry out penetration tests . At 94% of the businesses tested we were able to gain access to the local system within an average of less than one hour. In 83% of the cases we were able, starting from the tested system, to penetrate into further SAP systems without the monitoring tools being used becoming aware of the penetration.

SAST security radar

Combining SIEM, SAP Security and Compliance Monitoring
In order to nullify your system landscape’s weak spots, we have developed an SIEM solution (Security Information and Event Management) called SAST Security Radar.
Through an interface to products like QRadar, Arcsight, Splunk, LogPoint, the SIEM solution gets combined with the SAP Security and Compliance Monitoring systems. The solution thus conforms at all times to the security requirements and provides protection from internal and external attacks. Any changes and security events get immediately identified, analysed and reported. You thus receive a complete view of your IT security landscape.

Successful SIEM down to years of experience
The underlying SIEM analysis rules are based on our many years of experience as testers in the SAP field and fully cover all test and monitoring requirements. In contrast to many security tools available, the SAST Security Radar does not limit itself just to analysis of the user rights and system configuration on a single reference date, but instead carries out the vulnerability scans of all technological levels in real time.

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