SAST UserTrack

SAP® Security and Authorizations

Would you like to check the cross-client and cross-system authorizations of your SAP®-systems?
Our tool will help you with this. SAST UserTrack focuses on SAP® authorizations. This allows you to recognize problems with authorizations as well as potential function-based separation of duty conflicts in real time, before the live system is affected for a best possible authorization security.
Checkers will receive qualified assessments from ‘one’ workplace, and can monitor and evaluate critical SAP® authorizations, combinations, processes, and separation of duty matrices (SoD regulations) based on pre-configured as well as freely configurable SoD matrices.


SAST UserTrack puts SAP® user authorizations at the core
Using your custom SAP® authorization concept, you are thus able to identify any critical authorization problems and possible role-based separation-of-duties conflicts in real time before the security of the live system is compromised.
As a result of your SAP® authorization concept reviewers get authoritative assessments from ‘one’ workplace and can monitor and analyze critical SAP® authorizations, combinations, processes and separation-of-duties matrices (SoD rules) based on preconfigured and freely configurable SoD matrices.

Security and Authorization Functions
• Examination of user master data.
• SoD check for users, profiles and roles in real time.
• Predefined rules for segregation of duties violations and confidential access (SAP® ERP, SAP® HCM, SAP® NetWeaver, IS-U, CRM, SRM).
• Rules based on market standards (SAP® Security Guides, BSI, DSAG revision guide, Cobit).
• Intuitive rules editor.
• Prediction simulation for users, profiles and roles.
• Integrated reporting engine.
• Integrated SoD scan.
• Real-time monitoring used SAP® transactions.