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Smart Search
Finally an intelligent search tool in SAP®.

Find everything you need quickly with simple and advanced searches in a modern interface directly into SAP ERP.

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Application for Material Search in SAP

Smart Search is an application developed in responsive technology compatible with mobile devices, based on the SAPUI5 library.
With Smart Search you can consolidate diferent material bases and search in a simple, advanced and/or based on material classes/characteristics.

Many ways to search

  • Searching for simple terms in the material’s short and long texts, classification and other available fields.

  • Advanced search with several fields available for filters.

  • Searching by characteristic independent of class.

  • Searching by class/characteristic values.

  • Phonetic searches available in English-US and Portuguese-BR languages.

  • Filter menu by material characteristic/values – as e-commerce sites.

Find what you are looking for

  • Separate results according their relevance help you find what you need.

  • Several fields available in the result list, including the material long text.

  • Remove, adjust positions and sort fields as your needs.

  • In the list’s details you can find in which company and plants the material exists, what its stock and many other information.

  • Filter and group the results easily and according to your needs, as e-commerce sites.

Go beyond material search!

You can go beyond a simple search – connect Smart Search to the MDM+ BRO processes.
Search before request! The user, after searching, can request a new material creation based on an existing master data, request extension for a new plant and many other possible processes.

Smart Search

Integrating with other materials bases.

You can integrate different material databases with Smart Search, making Smart Search the central material searching of your company.

Smart Search