SAST Mobile Protect

360° real-time monitoring of your SAP® systems on your smartphone

Alerts in real-time via app
What is currently happening on your SAP® system: The system was opened via the client settings. A user called a very critical transaction. Particular roles/profiles were assigned to a user.
When do you find out about these critical events? How are you informed if you are currently on the road, in a meeting or already at home? Can you react promptly?
SAST Mobile Protect is an app that alerts you immediately on your smartphone and informs you about critical incidents.
As soon as a security-relevant event occurs (e.g.: assignment of the SAP_ALL profile to a user), the information is immediately forwarded to SAST Mobile Protect. You can view the most important details of the event and immediately initiate and execute suitable measures (e.g.: lock the SAP® user responsible).

SAST mobile protect
SAST mobile

The benefits for you:
• You know the security status of all your SAP® systems at the touch of a button.
• Increase in system security through immediate initiation of suitable measures.
• Logging of the events and the actions taken as a result.
• Security incidents can be identified in real time and averted.
• Available for Android and Apple.

Details and actions for averting the event

If a user specifically selects a security event, further detailed information is displayed:


1. What has happened?
• Details of the incident with possible effects for the SAP® system.
• Which system/client is affected by the event

2. Who is affected?
• Contact data of the user who e.g. the SAP_ALL profile was assigned.
• Contact data of the line manager

3. What can I do?
The SAST Mobile app user has access to these actions which he can trigger at the touch of a button:
• Phone Line Manager (Supervisor, Head of department)
• Phone SAP® user
• Log out and lock SAP® user.
The user to whom the SAP_ALL profile was assigned can be excluded from the SAP® system via action “Log out and lock SAP® user”. So you can itervene at any time and anywhere, to secure your SAP® systems.

See more – download the SAST Mobile Protect Flyer: