SAST Intranet Password Reset

SAP® Password Reset Self-Service

Our password self-service tool for a simple password reset
As a result of constantly rising security standards within companies users are having to remember longer and more complex passwords. There is a danger that they will forget these passwords and have to avail themselves of the help desk to have passwords in multiple environments reset.
The process for resetting passwords creates additional complexity and leads to higher costs and an increased workload.

User-friendly end-user interface
The SAP® password self-service tool simplifies the implementation of stricter password guidelines and eliminates the costs for help desk calls.
The intranet-based self-service system passes the solution for resetting the password straight to the user and thus eliminates long, time-consuming request processes involving the help desk.
Employees are able to reset their passwords immediately and from any location via a simple and secure process.

Overview of functions
• User verification in the reconciliation process with SAP® and/or Active Directory.
• Automatic generation of new initial passwords.
• Automatic resetting of blocked user accounts.
• Logging of all requests for the resetting of passwords.