SAST Role Optimizer

SAP® Role Management and User Provisioning

SAST Role Optimizer enables a quick and easy management of your SAP®-users
The workflow of the role management with our solution is shown in this image.
It often happens in companies that issuing user rights quickly becomes very complicated, involving a great deal of work. Creating new roles free of any conflicts is laborious and time-consuming, so SoD conflicts have to be compensated within existing roles.
Our role management solution is the perfect tool for optimizing existing roles of your SAP® system and introducing a new high-quality user rights concept quickly and inexpensively.


Create and manage users and roles easily, efficiently and securely!
Our solution assists you in working out the required user rights, creating SAP® roles and continuous management of your user rights concept.
New SAP® roles can be created based on the tried and tested akquinet template or by evaluation of the user activity. All forms of role creation are supported (manual, transaction-related or from trace data).
Mass modifications or roll outs are thus possible without any problem in next to no time. SAST Role Optimizer supports mass derivatives based on centrally defined organisation values, as well as mass modifications at object and field level.
The provision of sophisticated analyses enables SAP® processes to be analyzed by automated means. Existing roles can be analyzed in respect of transaction use and by using SAST Role Optimizer tailored precisely to the customer’s requirements.
Using SAST Role Optimizer you are able to set up your user rights concept quickly and easily.

Key functions
• Supports individual and group concepts.
• Central list for role and derivative values.
• Cross-system role evaluation and management.
• Issue of rights based on user behaviour.
• Creation of roles can be manual, template-based or through evaluation of trace data.
• Elimination of superfluous rights in existing roles.
• Analysis of unused roles at user level.
• Integrated analysis of critical rights and separation of function conflicts.
• Automatic mass role generation.
• Easy mass maintenance functions save time and reduce stress.
• Quality tests of your roles.
• Greater transparency in the issuing of user rights.
• Automated production of documentation.
• Easy evaluations for ST01 and RFC trace files.
• Full documentation of role adjustments.

Your benefits
• Time and money savings during the project and ongoing operations.
• Optimization of your user rights management.
• Fast roll-out of new roles.
• Greater transparency in user rights management.
• Increased role quality.
• Reduction of risk thanks to conflict-free roles.

Role templates of akquinet
• Roles in modular principle.
• Over 800 proven roles.
• SAP® ERP module processes comprehensively covered.
• Risk compliant accordance with SAST regulations.
• Suitable for all SAP® releases from 4.6c.

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